Defense & Defensive Shares Keep Rising

The two sectors (and trades) that have continued to work well during the “recovery” are the defense sector and the defensive sector (i.e. healthcare).

PPA Chart As Of 7/23/2013

RYH Chart As Of 7/23/2013

XLV Chart As Of 7/23/2013

The make-up of the above ETFS are as follows:

PPA PowerShares Aerospace & Defense Port.
UTX –        6.53%
BA –          6.36%
HON –       6.35%
LMT –        6.30%
PCP –        5.83%
GD –         5.07%
NOC –       4.49%
RTN –       4.39%
COL –       4.17%
LLL –        3.93%
Total:     53.41%
RYH Guggenheim Equal Weight Healthcare ETF
ALXN –     2.16%
REGN –    2.06%
GILD –     2.04%
STJ –      2.04%
CI –        2.03%
CELG –   2.02%
AMGN –  1.99%
UNH –     1.99%
WLP –     1.97%
HUM –    1.95%
Total:   20.25%
XLV Healthcare Select Sector SPDR
JNJ –      13.37%
PFE –     10.02%
MRK –     7.45%
GILD –    4.73%
AMGN –  4.23%
UNH –    3.79%
BMY –    3.76%
ABBV –  3.64%
ESRX –  2.95%
CELG –  2.92%
Total:  56.86%

As can be seen in the tables above, XLV is more heavily weighted toward large cap healthcare companies.

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Disclosure: I own many of the shares listed above, indirectly, through the Vanguard Total Stock Market (VTI) ETF.

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