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I am a securities trader who holds a BSIT degree and an MCSE certification from Microsoft. I consider myself to be a buy-side analyst and investor who favors a mix of quality dividend paying stocks and individual corporate bonds. I often utilize options strategies to make stock trades and/or to initiate long-term investments; and I often utilize options strategies to hedge my portfolio against potential losses. I am a very technically oriented individual who believes that, with regard to one’s investments, technical data coupled with fundamental data provide the best formula for long-term investment success.

This Web site is dedicated to those who wish to learn how to manage their own investments or expand their current investing knowledge. The idea for the site was borne from the idea that someone should offer those interested a single location to garner information on different investment ideas as well as the basics on how to trade the various investment instruments that are currently available in today’s markets.

Unlike many others out there I make no promises about getting rich quickly. What I can offer, however, is the information you will need to become a much more well informed and savvy investor. The information I will offer comes from my years of experience and the lumps, bumps and moments of sheer joy I have experienced during the time I have been trading and investing on my own. I will do my utmost best to present the information in a clear, concise and very straightforward manner, and I will certainly do my very best to help you avoid the same pitfalls that each and every trader and investor experiences along the way. It is my intention, and my hope, that you will find the information contained within this site, informative, educational and useful. Enjoy, and please feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions or comments you may have.

Best wishes,
The Tenacious Trader

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