Screening for Individual Corporate Bonds

In my last post I wrote about about my desire to move my investment dollars to corporate bonds because of the deflationary period in which we currently find ourselves. For the sake of clarity, and for the gold bugs out there who believe we will be entering, or are presently in, a period of high […]

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Switching to Corporate Bonds

There comes a time (or times) in everyone’s life when an individual must take stock of their given personal situation and make adjustments as necessary. For me one of times recently came when my wife and I had to address issues surrounding my daughter’s education (or lack thereof). During that same time I realized that, […]

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I Bonds

One of the safest investments on the planet at the present time are investments in U.S. Government debt. The reason they are so safe is because the U.S. Government has never defaulted on its debt — at least not yet. Unfortunately, however, interest rates are at historic lows, which makes the Government’s debt not so […]

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