It Pays To Be Bored With Monthly Dividends

Disclosures: I own shares of AT, O, PGH and VCLT, but I have no business or personal relationships with any of the companies discussed herein. I have written on this subject in the past but it bears repeating — and enhancing. One of the things I seek when looking to invest in stocks, mutual funds […]

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Cruising the Yield Field

Like so many other investors who are in the same camp, I have been desperately seeking safe (a relative term these days) places to invest some of our family’s hard-earned cash. My wife and I have worked very hard to build a nice, little nest egg for our little girl’s future college expenses, and for […]

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Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-B)

Okay, okay! I know that, in my last post, I said I would write about a couple of all-around funds that could be used as core investment holdings in your portfolio; however, I decided to digress a bit. Today, it was announced that H.J. Heinz (HNZ) agreed to be bought-out by Berkshire Hathaway (you know, […]

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