I Bonds

One of the safest investments on the planet at the present time are investments in U.S. Government debt. The reason they are so safe is because the U.S. Government has never defaulted on its debt — at least not yet. Unfortunately, however, interest rates are at historic lows, which makes the Government’s debt not so […]

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Life Cycle

Everything in this world has a given lifespan or life cycle and, as with living things, the life cycle for companies may be either short or long. Whether measured in years or decades (or even centuries), knowing that a company may get terminally ill and die at some point during your own lifetime makes it […]

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Evaluating Companies

This is truly where the rubber meets the road when it comes to investing. Ask most people about their favorite investments and they will quickly rattle off a list of companies they believe to be great investments. However, ask them why they believe the companies to be such great investments and the conversation gets a bit […]

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Making a Trade

Of all the aspects of trading and investing, this is one of the most simple and, potentially, tricky. It is also (in my humble opinion) one of the most fun. The reason it can be tricky is because of all the various ways to place trades. For the sake of this post, however, I am […]

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Getting Started

Once you have made the decision to begin investing, the next step will be to decide the degree to which you wish to get involved (i.e. how much time do you want to put into the process). Given that this Web site is dedicated to those who wish to manage their own finances, I will […]

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Many years ago, when I was a much younger man, I had the dream (more like a delusion :-)) of becoming a rock star. I had taken piano lessons as a child and wanted to build on that base, so I decided to enroll in classes for classical piano and classical guitar (I had assumed […]

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Charting Basics

Charting is as much an art as it is a science, and learning how to use charts when making investment decisions can prove helpful in many situations.
There are many “Technicians” out there who will base their trades solely on chart information.

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Covered CALLs

Before I begin with covered Calls let me first start by saying that the information I provided on naked Puts and the information provided here on covered Calls is very cursory; so please don’t assume what I have written is all you need to know to trade Put and Call options.  The absolute gospel for […]

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Since I am working with online brokerage companies, and online trading platforms, it is my intention to focus squarely on online (or, more precisely, discount brokerage) investing. As such, the very first step for any interested investor/trader is to ensure that he or she has a reliable and safe…

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Naked Puts

Put plain and simply, Puts are a contract between the buyer and seller whereby the seller agrees to sell shares of a given stock if the price drops to a certain level.  For example: Let’s say GE’s stock is selling for a price of $27.00 but you believe the price is a bit too high […]

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