Home Construction Falls — Again!

CBS Evening News, 7/18/2013 Source: Link Did you hear the key points in the above video? 1) Housing prices have increased quickly. 2) First-time home buyers are finding it difficult to get into the housing market. 3) A home in Glendale, CA sold for $110,000 over the asking price. 4) “Right now the economy is […]

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It’s Hot, But The Economy’s Not (?)

Studying, following and attempting to gauge economic and stock market trends is, truly, a “dismal science.” Definition of ‘Dismal Science’ A term coined by Scottish writer, essayist and historian Thomas Carlyle to describe the discipline of economics. The term dismal science was inspired by T. R. Malthus’ gloomy prediction that population would always grow faster than food, dooming mankind […]

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Myriad Extends Patient Financial Assistance Program

On 7/15/2013, Myriad Genetics (MYGN) announced that it would offer financial assistance to the underinsured. It was also announced, on July 10, 2013, that the company had filed a suit against a competitor company, Ambry Genetics Corp., for infringing on ten of its patents surrounding its BRCA gene mutation testing services: Recently, Myriad Genetics Inc. […]

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Follow The Volatility

Similar to the value that comes from “following the money,” it can also be useful to investors to follow the volatility. Watching activity in the Options market can often yield valuable information; and, to do so, we can look to an indicator known as Implied Volatility (IV). Essentially, IV “implies” that a stock’s price will […]

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50 Percent Of Investors Are Bullish — "There’s Your Counter Indicator."

Last Thursday, CNBC’s Street Signs, Amanda Drury, said this about individual investor sentiment (Time Marker 6:15 – 6:20): CNBC Street Signs, 7/11/2013 Source: Link Did you see the face she made? Precious, no? Today, I found this in my Inbox: The so-called “Bernanke Put” is back in play. The Standard & Poor’s 500 rose 3% […]

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Outsiders Sometimes Know Best

After posting my last article, I decided to go back in history to locate some information that I thought would be pertinent for this particular moment in time. I decided to do so because I felt very strongly that it would be important to provide readers with certain reminders, especially given that: “Those who cannot […]

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It’s More Than The Program Trades, Sue — And We Know That!

Yesterday, on CNBC’s Power Lunch, Sue Herera and Bob Pisani had a conversation with a guest speaker (I tuned-in too late to get his name) about individual investors’ distaste for, and disgust with, the stock market. At one point during the conversation, Sue Herera said that a number of individual investors believed that program trading […]

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A Stock Rally: The Three Main Elements

Essentially, there are three main elements which will point to a strong, and legitimate, stock market rally: bank stocks leading the charge, industrials cranking away and the transportation sector moving-on-up. It has been said that no rally is a true rally without the banking sector leading the way; and, given that the U.S. economy is […]

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A Government For The People, By The People — But For Whose People?

CBS Evening News 7/10/2013 Source: Link I realize that I have posted quite a few news broadcasts lately and that some may feel there is little value in this type of posting on a financial blog site; however, I would beg to differ. I couldn’t sleep last night and I woke-up early this morning (@ […]

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Fed Minutes Out Today — Could Trouble Be Brewing?

Later this afternoon the Fed will release the minutes from its June meeting, and they could spell trouble for the markets. The Fed seems committed to ending its QE program and the minutes in today’s release will, more than likely, serve to reiterate that sentiment. Following the June meeting, markets reacted quite strongly in what […]

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