Just Plain Monkey-business (JPM)

Recently, a congressional committee charged top officials at JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) with misleading investors, regulators and the public at large when they attempted to mask more than $6 billion in losses, which were brought about by souring trades made by the company’s “London Whale” (too bad there were no whale watchers within the […]

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The Rule of Law

La connaissance est inutile sans la sagesse et la compréhension. Recently, I wrote an article about Atlantic Power (AT) and the events surrounding the cut in its dividend and the subsequent (and significant) drop in its stock price. The feedback I received on the article was a mix of: Go get ’em! You should have […]

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Out Come the BIG Guns: Atlantic Power (AT) Investigations Launched

Thus far, there are now three law firms, about which I am aware, that have launched investigations into the very questionable practices of the officers and directors of the utility company, Atlantic Power (AT). Those firms, and their contact information, can be found by following the links listed below: Johnson & Weaver, LLP Holzer Holzer […]

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Fundamentals (The Nitty Gritty of Investing)

Catch me a fish and I will eat today, teach me to fish and I will eat every day. One of the most important tasks an investor must undertake is the careful oversight of his or her investments. Like that of an employer, investors must learn to watch over their investments as if they were […]

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It Pays To Be Bored With Monthly Dividends

Disclosures: I own shares of AT, O, PGH and VCLT, but I have no business or personal relationships with any of the companies discussed herein. I have written on this subject in the past but it bears repeating — and enhancing. One of the things I seek when looking to invest in stocks, mutual funds […]

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Will The Rally Continue?

This morning I read the following article which was provided by The Wall Street Journal’s “The Morning MarketBeat.” Though the facts are interesting, and though the case for a continued market rally is plausible, I’m not so sure the cards our in our favor for continued stock market increases. The Breakfast Briefing As stocks have […]

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Mini Options

On March 18, 2013 Mini Options will begin trading on many exchanges. The new Mini contracts will represent 10 shares of an underlying security, rather than the 100 shares standard options contracts normally cover. Strike prices will be at the same price levels as standard contracts, and the minimum price variation for bids and offers […]

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Whether we realize it or not, from the time we are little we make use of leverage. In the simplest of terms leverage is defined as: noun lev·er·age 1. the action of a lever, a rigid bar that pivots about one point and that is used to move an object at a second point by […]

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Sequester (A.K.A. Confiscation)

se·ques·ter v. se·ques·tered, se·ques·ter·ing, se·ques·ters 1. To cause to withdraw into seclusion. 2. To remove or set apart; segregate. See Synonyms at isolate. 3. Law a. To take temporary possession of (property) as security against legal claims. b. To requisition and confiscate (enemy property). v.intr. Chemistry To undergo sequestration. vb (tr) 1. to remove […]

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Cruising the Yield Field

Like so many other investors who are in the same camp, I have been desperately seeking safe (a relative term these days) places to invest some of our family’s hard-earned cash. My wife and I have worked very hard to build a nice, little nest egg for our little girl’s future college expenses, and for […]

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