Boeing Backlog vs. Bad News

For those who doubt the power of charting and technical data, take a look at this chart for Boeing (BA): Boeing has been on a tear since March, even though the company received a bunch of negative press for its 787 battery issues. More recently, the stock price took a hit when it was […]

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GM: Taxpayers Could Lose Billions In Bailout Dollars

According to a recent AP article, U.S. taxpayers would need to see their shares in GM (GM) (a forced purchase I might add) sold for a price of $95.51 (an increase of ~161 percent from its current level) in order to simply break even. DETROIT (AP) — General Motors stock would have to sell for […]

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Defense & Defensive Shares Keep Rising

The two sectors (and trades) that have continued to work well during the “recovery” are the defense sector and the defensive sector (i.e. healthcare). The make-up of the above ETFS are as follows: PPA PowerShares Aerospace & Defense Port. UTX –        6.53% BA –          6.36% HON – […]

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McDonald’s Disappoints

Wall Street opened flat on Monday following a gloomy earnings outlook from McDonald’s in the wake of a record closing high hit by the S&P 500 index in the prior session. Source: Yahoo! Finance McDonald’s Q2 financial results are out. Q2 earnings came in at $1.38 per share, missing analysts’ estimates for $1.40. Revenue came […]

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Using the VIX To Determine When The Next Market Crash Will Occur

Some studies have shown that market crashes are extremely unlikely to occur when the VIX is below 15 or above 50, but that they are likely to occur when the VIX is between 15 to 30; and, though this prescient gauge is driven by investors’ fears (which subject it to the potential of false positives) […]

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Myriad Extends Patient Financial Assistance Program

On 7/15/2013, Myriad Genetics (MYGN) announced that it would offer financial assistance to the underinsured. It was also announced, on July 10, 2013, that the company had filed a suit against a competitor company, Ambry Genetics Corp., for infringing on ten of its patents surrounding its BRCA gene mutation testing services: Recently, Myriad Genetics Inc. […]

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Boeing 777: Auto Throttle Problem?

CBS Evening News 7/9/2013 Source: Link If the pilots’ story regarding the Auto Throttle Controls is accurate, Boeing (BA) could be staring at some potential problems. For those who own shares of BA, Put protection and/or tight stop losses may be prudent at this point in time. In the final analysis, it really is up […]

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Myriad Genetics (MYGN): The Fight Continues

Today, Myriad Genetics (MYGN) disclosed that it, along with three other assignees (the University of Utah, the University of Pennsylvania and the Hospital for Sick Children, Endorecherche), had filed a patent infringement lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Utah against Ambry Genetics. The suit alleges that Ambry violated up to […]

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Generac: My Generator Won’t Run!

A few days ago we had a severe pop-up thunderstorm hit our neighborhood and, during the storm, a bolt of lightening took down a tree which took down some power lines with it. Consequently, we lost power and I had to march out to our garage to retrieve and connect our portable generator. Unfortunately, I was […]

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RBS Placed On Negative Credit Watch By Moody’s

On July 5th the 4th of July fireworks celebration ended with a BIG bang when Moody’s Investor Service (MCO) placed Royal Bank of Scotland plc’s (RBS) on review for a downgrade. According to the public statement made by Moody’s: London, 05 July 2013 — Moody’s Investors Service has today placed on review for downgrade Royal […]

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