Trading Basics

Making a Trade

Of all the aspects of trading and investing, this is one of the most simple and, potentially, tricky. It is also (in my humble opinion) one of the most fun. The reason it can be tricky is because of all the various ways to place trades. For the sake of this post, however, I am […]

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Covered CALLs

Before I begin with covered Calls let me first start by saying that the information I provided on naked Puts and the information provided here on covered Calls is very cursory; so please don’t assume what I have written is all you need to know to trade Put and Call options.  The absolute gospel for […]

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Naked Puts

Put plain and simply, Puts are a contract between the buyer and seller whereby the seller agrees to sell shares of a given stock if the price drops to a certain level.  For example: Let’s say GE’s stock is selling for a price of $27.00 but you believe the price is a bit too high […]

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