The Rule of Law

La connaissance est inutile sans la sagesse et la compréhension. Recently, I wrote an article about Atlantic Power (AT) and the events surrounding the cut in its dividend and the subsequent (and significant) drop in its stock price. The feedback I received on the article was a mix of: Go get ’em! You should have […]

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Switching to Corporate Bonds

There comes a time (or times) in everyone’s life when an individual must take stock of their given personal situation and make adjustments as necessary. For me one of times recently came when my wife and I had to address issues surrounding my daughter’s education (or lack thereof). During that same time I realized that, […]

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EMA Crossovers

An Exponential Moving Average or EMA is a tool used by traders and stock analyst to try and determine which way a stock’s price (or index) will tend to move. The tool uses historical data and, though not entirely failsafe, it has a tendency to be quite prescient. An EMA’s distant cousin is the Simple […]

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Life Cycle

Everything in this world has a given lifespan or life cycle and, as with living things, the life cycle for companies may be either short or long. Whether measured in years or decades (or even centuries), knowing that a company may get terminally ill and die at some point during your own lifetime makes it […]

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Many years ago, when I was a much younger man, I had the dream (more like a delusion :-)) of becoming a rock star. I had taken piano lessons as a child and wanted to build on that base, so I decided to enroll in classes for classical piano and classical guitar (I had assumed […]

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