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Diving for Dollars

With so much uncertainty in the world right now, one of the hardest tasks for investors is trying to determine the best place to invest one’s hard-earned dollars. Recently, I read an article about the the extraordinary length of time it will take to recoup one’s initial investment when investing in dividend paying utilities. Though […]

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Buying Stocks with Naked Puts

Using Naked Puts is a strategy I employ quite often. First, however, we need to know the definition of a Put and, more importantly, why is it “naked.” For a detailed explanation of both, you can click here. Again, using Kellogg (K) as an example: From the chart on the left, we can see that […]

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When & Where to Invest

There is a bit of debate over which is better, a company that pays dividends or a company that returns value to its investors through stock repurchase programs. Personally, I favor the former. I prefer companies that pay dividends because I feel that I can rely on the dividend payments more than I can rely on a […]

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