Fed Minutes Out Today — Could Trouble Be Brewing?

Later this afternoon the Fed will release the minutes from its June meeting, and they could spell trouble for the markets. The Fed seems committed to ending its QE program and the minutes in today’s release will, more than likely, serve to reiterate that sentiment. Following the June meeting, markets reacted quite strongly in what some have called the market’s “Taper Tantrum.” Couple displeasing Fed’s minutes with the fact that crude oil prices just topped $105.00 per barrel ( the first time since May, 2012) and we could really see the markets pitch-a-fit.

For those currently sitting on the sidelines, staying put may be a good way to continue enjoying your summer vacation; otherwise — watch out! If the markets go crazy, the ride could be more exciting than the most daring roller coaster at one of your favorite theme parks.

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