The U.S. Economy Is Getting Better — BUNK!

If you (like me) are one of those people who recently started to believe that the U.S. economy may, in fact, be on on the mend — well then, think again. On Independence Day (Independence Day!), the brave men and women serving our military — those willing to continue the fight for our “independence” and for our continued freedoms — were robbed of the celebration.

Military bases across the country went without fireworks displays this past 4th of July because of the Sequester (a fancy word which represents the fact that the Elected Elite in this country have driven this once great nation into, de facto, bankruptcy!).  Really?!!! These are the very people who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the very freedoms the rest of us enjoy (including you, Mr. or Ms. Congressperson and/or Senator). They are the families of those who gave their lives fighting for the very freedoms the rest of us enjoy ——— AND WE CAN NOT EVEN AFFORD TO PROVIDE THEM WITH A DECENT PICNIC AND SOME FIREWORKS ON THE VERY DAY WE CELEBRATE THAT FOR WHICH THEY FIGHT???!!! This is pathetic and shameful — SHAMEFUL!!!

Picture this: A group of heroic military amputees having to put together their own 4th of July celebration, with their young children anxiously awaiting a fireworks display — one that never arrives. I feel ill!


Insult To Injury:

And, to add insult to injury, our fine, upstanding representatives took-off for their 4th of July celebration without rectifying the issue with student loan rates. On Monday, July 2nd, rates doubled from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent. Here, too, our Elected Elite should be ashamed of themselves!

Harry Reed said it best!

CBS Evening News, July 4th, 2013


So, today, when you tune-in to one of the financial news networks, or when you surf the Internet for information on the state of our economy, ask yourself, when you hear the scholarly experts telling you that the outlook for the U.S. economy is looking up: Looking up for who?

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