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Thank you very much for your interest in becoming a member. Now it’s easier than ever to sign-up for a membership that will suit your budget. You have the ability to choose from a monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions (the best deal) — or, if you wish, purchase membership articles individually.

For your membership dollars you will receive access to those article where I discuss investing, and the various securities available to investors, in much more detail. Inside I discuss the mechanics of charting and trading, and I will provide several investment suggestions. I will discuss my own trades, in detail, and I will explain my rationale for each one. I will provide screenshots of my charts and trading platforms, and I will provide as much investment learning material as possible.

My only requirement for joining is that you agree to the Terms & Conditions (basically saying that you realize I am not an investment advisor and that all information contained within the site is for educational purposes only), and that you be respectful. Investors come in all shapes and sizes, from the most novice to very experienced; and together we can work to expand our skills and knowledge. I welcome all constructive questions and comments.

That’s it – plain and simple!

I hope to see you inside.



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