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When Good News Becomes Bad News

You know things are askew when good news becomes bad news. Following a two day Fed meeting, Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, delivered what should have been received as good news on improving economic conditions; however, yesterday’s market rout is a clear indication that market participants (especially the bigger players) have become addicted to the Feds […]

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Fundamentals (The Nitty Gritty of Investing)

Catch me a fish and I will eat today, teach me to fish and I will eat every day. One of the most important tasks an investor must undertake is the careful oversight of his or her investments. Like that of an employer, investors must learn to watch over their investments as if they were […]

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Whether we realize it or not, from the time we are little we make use of leverage. In the simplest of terms leverage is defined as: noun lev·er·age 1. the action of a lever, a rigid bar that pivots about one point and that is used to move an object at a second point by […]

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