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50 Percent Of Investors Are Bullish — "There’s Your Counter Indicator."

Last Thursday, CNBC’s Street Signs, Amanda Drury, said this about individual investor sentiment (Time Marker 6:15 – 6:20): CNBC Street Signs, 7/11/2013 Source: Link Did you see the face she made? Precious, no? Today, I found this in my Inbox: The so-called “Bernanke Put” is back in play. The Standard & Poor’s 500 rose 3% […]

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It’s More Than The Program Trades, Sue — And We Know That!

Yesterday, on CNBC’s Power Lunch, Sue Herera and Bob Pisani had a conversation with a guest speaker (I tuned-in too late to get his name) about individual investors’ distaste for, and disgust with, the stock market. At one point during the conversation, Sue Herera said that a number of individual investors believed that program trading […]

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Fed Minutes Out Today — Could Trouble Be Brewing?

Later this afternoon the Fed will release the minutes from its June meeting, and they could spell trouble for the markets. The Fed seems committed to ending its QE program and the minutes in today’s release will, more than likely, serve to reiterate that sentiment. Following the June meeting, markets reacted quite strongly in what […]

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Shorts Fall Short

This morning I received the following article from the Wall Street Journal. Even a 5% pullback in stocks hasn’t provided enough fuel for short sellers to start betting against the market again. Short interest, or bearish bets, on S&P 500 stocks fell to 2.3% of shares outstanding at the end of last week, the lowest […]

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Stock Market Cycles: Seven Reasons To Pay Attention

Have you ever noticed how the number seven seems to be a recurring theme in this world? Here are some examples: There are seven days in a week. There are the Seven Wonders of the World. People should avoid the Seven Deadly Sins. There is a place called “Seventh Heaven.” People sometimes suffer from a […]

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Markets Are Rigged!

One of the reasons I will never become wealthy writing financial pieces is because I’m way too brutally honest about, and way too critical of, current markets; and here I go again — in short, they’re rigged! When I initially had the idea to create a financial blog site, I wanted it to be a […]

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